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Spay It Forward

Our Spay It Forward program offers a variety of spay and neuter assistance options to those who cannot afford it. We understand that pet ownership can become expensive, and we're here to help. You don't have to be wealthy to give a pet a loving home. Our program aims to help reduce pet overpopulation in our communities, and help pets live longer, healthier lives. 


Multiple Vet Options

We are fortunate to live in an area with an abundance of veterinary resources, and do our best to offer a range of clinic options for those who need our help. 




Image by Alvan Nee

Affordable Care

We have partnered with several low cost spay and neuter clinics to be able to provide an even lower cost option, and in some cases completely free. Rates vary, depending on your clinic of choice. 


Cats : $35-$45

Dogs: $55-80

TNR: $25

Image by Peri Stojnic

Basic Wellness

While our primary focus is spay and neuter, there are additional wellness services that we try to assist with when funds are available. 

These services include...


Heartworm Testing

Flea/tick/heartworm Prevention


Transforming the Lives of Stray and Community Cats


There are an estimated 30 to 80 MILLION community cats in the US.  The term 'community cats' is replacing what was formerly referred to as 'feral cats', and includes all stray and free roaming cats.  Less than 10% of these cats are believed to be sterilized, and they account for nearly 80% of ALL kittens born each year, making them the largest source of cat overpopulation. 

With our Trap Neuter Return program, these outdoor cats are trapped with humane live animal traps, transported to our partner clinics for spay/neuter, and then returned to their outdoor home. Friendly cats are rehabilitated, when possible, and placed with one of our rescue partners. 

Bryan county only at this time. 

Cat Nibble

Feeding Pets, Helping People.

Cost of care, to include food and other basic supplies, is in the top 5 list of reasons why pets are rehomed or surrendered to shelters. Our pet food pantries provide a life line to individuals who have fallen on hard times and are struggling to provide for their beloved pets.


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